End-to-End Webinar Production & Hosting

Webinars can be both incredibly effective lead generators and engaging/educational content channels.

URbrandLIVE!’s webinar production and hosting services are tailored to meet your specific needs, with a choice of either a basic or a premium package.  Over the years, our extensive experience producing and hosting webinars for large companies has led to a very specific set of best practices that will ensure a polished, professional end product.   And, our expertise with many marketing automation software packages makes it easy for you to completely integrate your webinar channel into your existing CRM/Marketing Automation platform. Generate leads that automatically enter your sales funnel, and develop a new ongoing channel to tell your story at the same time!

Basic Event Package – $500


Initial Consultation – Confirm times and dates available, review goals and objectives, discuss event roles, specific invitee touchpoints and deadlines

Registration Management – Set up client webinar account.  Set up CRM integration for the webinar. Set up registration link and landing page.  Manage all registrations w/frequent team updates.   Send (2) reminder emails, send “Thank You” email to attendees, and send “Sorry We Missed You” email to non-attendees

Pre-Webinar Support – Make sure all presenters are comfortable with the technology, perform audio check, test all controls

Live Webinar Management – Serve as Webinar Host (optional):  Greet attendees and provide housekeeping notes, optimize attendee experience, address all technical issues, Moderate Q&A session

Post Event Reporting – Submit registration/attendee report within 48 hours of event, and evaluation/recommendations report to help refine future events

Premium Event Package – $1,000

Includes all services in Basic Package, plus:

Promotions – Create engaging email content promoting the webinar; send emails using your email client.  This includes 2-3 email blasts depending on your pre-webinar timeframe, and 1-2 post webinar emails

Dry Run(s) – Schedule separate time(s) to review handoffs and logistics with presenter(s) and make sure they are 100% comfortable.  Suggest ways to enhance webinar value for attendees and presenters

Recording – Record the live event.  Edit as needed.  Provide a URL to download .mp4 or .wmv file.  Upload to YouTube for easy website integration

Webinar Impact – Develop MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)/SAL (Sales Accepted Lead) definitions, a set of webinar KPIs, and a final post-webinar report on the effectiveness of the webinar

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