Make the right move with our Manage My Website “Energize” Package.

Shift thinking from “something’s wrong with our website, who do we call?”


“We have a pro helping us manage and monetize our website, anytime we need it, for $100/month!” 

The right move?

The Manage My Website “Energize” Package, from URbrandLIVE!

With our Manage My Website “Energize” Package, you’ve got a fully-focused webmaster (and marketing pro!) on your payroll. 

Because if you’re a small business, or a 501c3, no webmaster at all is not the answer.

Instead, add a website pro to your team for $100/month with our Manage My Website “Energize” Package.  Get affordable, professional help with everything site-related.  You may already have a nice website, but how long has it been since you launched it?  Is your website still secure? Is all your software up-to-date?  Is your valuable content backed-up, even the recent changes?  Is it easy to make creative new content adds and changes quickly?  Do you have analytics to show page views, video views, shopping cart bailouts, etc?  Do your customers, prospects, volunteers, or donors regularly visit your site?  Do you even know?

Is anyone focused on helping you monetize your website? 

Manage My Website “Energize” Package covers your entire website, whenever you need help

  • Elevate the story of your company & brand, what makes you great?  Covered.
  • Inspire donor confidence in online payments through your site?  Covered.
  • Leverage your brand by adding a BUY NOW shopping cart?  Covered.
  • Add a new page thanking (and linking to) your most generous donors and supporters?  Covered.
  • Make it easy to download a flyer, info packet, or calendar of events?  Covered.
  • Want to launch a monthly blog?  Covered.
  • Make a quick change to an existing schedule and highlight the change so everyone sees it?  Covered.
  • Make your next fundraising event really pop?  Covered.
  • Track individual page views and/or video views?  Covered.
  • How about automating volunteer sign-ups?  Covered.

Manage My Website “Energize” Package

Support, Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Security, plus Content

“Energize” your current website from top-to-bottom |  $100/month w/1-year contract

URbrandLIVE! will update, add-to, polish and protect your current website/storefront for you per your design input. We’ll help you tell your story; “what makes your company great”.  And, we’ll make all of the updates and edits you want to make for 12 months, training you along the way to make content additions and updates if you want to take it on yourselves in the future.

    • Included is complete content writing services – that means that we’ll write the content for every section and send to you so you can easily edit, or we’ll insert your content; whichever is easiest for you.
    • Includes solutions for:
      • Secure eCommerce (if applicable)
      • Monthly Site Backups & Secure Storage (& Restoration if ever req’d)
      • Site security & Monitoring: Activity Auditing, SiteCheck Remote Malware & Spam Scanning, and Effective Security Hardening
      • eMail management
      • Google Analytics Set-up
      • Installation of any CRM-related javascript tracking snippets
      • Malware and Virus Removal
      • Installing and Enabling SSL

Manage My Website “Energize” Package

$100/month (12-month minimum) or pay up-front and get a 10% discount = $1,040 (12 months of support)

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