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What that really means is we help generate demand, close sales, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Period.

Want QUICK HITS that won’t break the bank?

Affordable DemandGen tactics to drive sales:

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We can build a strategic plan for you…

In addition to affordable demandGen tactics, we help businesses take the long view.  We’ll develop Strategic Marketing Plans to enhance your brand, engage your customers and prospects, and drive increased revenues.  We focus on challenges your business faces, such as:

  • How do we quickly and effectively develop an overall Marketing Plan that organizes our approach, appeals to different target markets in different ways, balances promotions and content, and delivers results vs. our company’s goals?
  • Is there a consistent and cost-effective way to create content that “engages” customers and potential customers more often with more relevance so they interact with our content and forward our content?
  • What’s the best way to leverage digital/social media to drive more leads and more sales? What’s the best overall channel mix?
  • Does email have a role in our current marketing efforts?
  • How do we track results vs. goals and assess our plan’s channel/campaign effectiveness along the way?  How do we show Marketing ROI?

At URbrandLIVE!, we’re passionate about helping you tell your story; be MORE ORGANIZED, MORE CREATIVE, and MORE EFFECTIVE, without breaking the bank.  We specialize in affordable demandGen tactics and strategies behind Content Marketing Campaigns, Live Webcasts, Tradeshows, and Digital/Social Channels.

It’s pretty simple, really.  PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT.  The greatest plan in the world is worth nothing if you can’t execute it, learn from it, and build on the lessons to achieve greater success.  We’ve done this at very large companies; we can help your company do it, too.

We can make your marketing accountable…

ROMI.  Return on Marketing Investment.  Crucial to your company’s success in today’s world of massive sensory overload.  Marketing is not a luxury – it’s a vital part of your infrastructure; your company must be able to track its effectiveness and demonstrate its value, just like it would for any hard-dollar investment the company makes.  URbrandLIVE! has a proven track record here.  We can show you how to aggregate campaign analytics from any effort, any channel, into dashboard management tools that track results, guide future efforts, and demonstrate a return on your marketing investment.